Selected Functions

Camera Control

  • harmonized camera setup for all models
  • file-based management of camera parameters
  • extensive camera control
    • exposure time
    • auto exposure and auto white balance
    • resolution, bit-depth, color channel
  • support for trigger modes, such as
    • software trigger
    • delay
    • external trigger sources
    • trigger type (rising/falling edge)
  • control of
    • gain (manual and automatic)
    • black offset
    • gamma
  • support of sub images, ROIs
  • setting of the maximum frame rate

Image Processing Tools

  • horizontal and vertical profiles
    • Gaussian fits
    • averaging
  • position markers (as an overlay on the live image)
  • peak and centroid estimation
  • peak profile
  • statistical analysis (mean, standard deviation, etc.)
  • histogram
  • low pass
  • offset correction¬†

Network Feature

  • remote control of one or multiple clients
  • sending data and configurations to multiple clients simultaneously
  • receiving and visualizing data from one or multiple clients

Export and Visualization

  • visualization of results in tables - save as csv or copy and paste to MS Excel
  • manual and automatic export
    • single image and image series (with and without overlays)
    • various formats (csv, bmp, png, jpg, ...)


Readability across the room, freely configurable colors.